Naturally none of us like to think about the worst case scenario actually occurring to us or our loved ones, but the truth is it does and it will at some stage occur. We have the choice now to determine the financial outcome of these scenarios for ourselves and our loved ones.

When it comes to setting up a Personal Insurance Plan, most people have very limited knowledge about what providers there are and what benefits are available to them. When tailor making a Personal Insurance Plan for you, we ensure we take in to consideration that things that matter most to you e.g protection for a mortgage, leaving a nest egg to your spouse or for kids education, providing you with an income if you get sick or disabled etc. This way you end up with a well rounded Insurance cover that gives you the peace of mind you need.

We have paired up with Quality Product Research Limited to ensure we get the right cover for your situation, as we are advisers not agents, it means we are not tied to one particular Insurer. Working closely with the countries top insurers (see below), we do the hard work of comparing the different providers premiums and benefits so you don't have to! Saving you time and potentially a lot of money too.

The Personal Insurance benefits we offer:

Life: Life cover provides a lump sum tax free payment to your estate in the event you pass away. 

Trauma/Critical Illness:  This benefit provides you with a tax free lump sum of money 14 days after diagnoses of a number of different critical illnesses (e.g cancer, heart attack, stroke). The benefit payout is not offset by any income you are earning at the time. Often used to cover debt, lifestyle or simply alleviate financial pressure to give you more time to focus on recovery.

Total Permanent Disability: Also known as TPD, This benefit provides you with a tax free lump sum in the event you are suffer a Total, Permanent Disability which leaves you unable to work. 

Income Protection: Often misunderstood for redundancy cover, this benefit provides you with a regular income in the event a medical condition prevents you being able to work short or long term. We have a range of different options available that take into consideration all type of situations including your work sick leave balances and also situations where ACC may also paying you (due to injury related claim). 

Redundancy cover: Generally taken with an Income Protection policy, Redundancy cover provides you with a monthly benefit in the event you are made redundant. There are several terms behind this benefit so we recommend talking to us about these to help you make the right decision.

Health/Medical Cover: Designed to take care of expensive healthcare services/ procedures meaning you don't have to wait on the public waiting list to get your diagnosis and treatment. Private Health/Medical cover also offers you with a greater range of treatment options which aren't available publicly. Excess options provide  cheaper regular premiums making Health/medical cover more affordable.  

Disclaimer: It is important to note that the above list is a basic overview of the services we have available to you, it is not a definitive list of benefits or sub benefits within the different policies. Policy wordings and names of benefits can vary between different insurers and all benefits are subject to underwriting.
We recommend talking to us to ensure you have the correct understanding about the products/services above.